Our Mission

Our mission is to lead people to become authentic followers of Jesus Christ.
Our purpose is to...

  • Magnify the Lord
  • Assimilate and equip new believers
  • Build caring communities
  • Communicate the Good News to the Inland Empire & Beyond.

Our vision is to fulfill the Great Commandment & the Great Commission by:
  • Worshiping God and depending upon Him for direction;
  • Reaching the Inland Empire by sharing our faith as a lifestyle;
  • Maturing believers using a life development process;
  • Developing leaders by mentoring and multiplying our ministries at every level;
  • Planting new congregations to reach those we cannot reach otherwise..

Our Beliefs

We affirm the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and as the only basis for our beliefs and practices.

We accept The Baptist Faith and Message as a general statement of our beliefs.

Our church is self-governing, but voluntarily affiliates with the Southern Baptist Convention in its national, state, and local expressions.